What are the exhibitions?

Each exhibition is comprised of me fixing bicycles for people.  I will set up in each gallery for one week and invite the public to visit and have their bicycle tuned up or repaired.  My intention is to encourage my audience to care for the condition of their bicycles, and by extension, the condition of the environment and their relationship with it.

What is the tour?

In a practical sense, the tour is simply me getting from one point to another.  I do not drive, preferring instead to travel under my own power.  However, the tour is much more than this.  I hope that my audience, upon seeing that I have incorporated a bicycle into this project so fundamentally, will be encouraged to adopt one into their daily life in a more committed way.

What is this website?

The website is my way of reaching more people than I could otherwise, and letting my audience be involved in the whole project from beginning to end rather than at a single point somewhere along my journey.

Why am I doing this?

Although I have never been an activist proper, I have always had a very active social conscience.  Bicycles have been a major component of my personal philosophy and lifestyle choices for close to a decade now, as I try to live a life of reduced consumption and environmental destruction.  I believe that a well-maintained bicycle functions as activism in both literal and symbolic ways.

Why should you participate?

How long has it been since your last tune up?  Does your bicycle work the way you want it to?  Do you care about the impact that your life and lifestyle make on the environment?  If you want a better world and a better ride, you will probably enjoy taking part.  The Bicycle Rehabilitation Project depends heavily on audience participation, and each individual participant strengthens the message that the project creates.