How to watch a tour:

1.  Make sure you have installed Google Earth on your computer.  Go here to get it if you haven't already.

2.  Download one of the tour files here.

3.  Double click on the file you just downloaded.  This should launch Google Earth and copy the file into the "Temporary Places" folder on your side bar.

4.  Select the checkbox next to the name of the tour.  Make sure that no other checkboxes have been selected:

5.  Select "Watch Tour" from the tools menu.


How to enjoy the tours:

1.  Watch each tour a second time - since some of the pictures should be stored in a cache on your computer the animation should be much more fluid.

2.  If possible, watch a tour from an area that you are familiar with - they are much more interesting when you can see landmarks that you recognize.

3.  I like the tours best when the "Roads", "Terrain", and "Borders" checkboxes in the "Layers" bar are activated.   All the others seem unnecessary, but it really is up to you.