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Tour 2: The Beginning

This segment marked the real beginning of the tour.  After leaving the coast there could be no second-guessing and no turning back.  Much of the riding here was in mountain and forest wilderness, interupted by the occasional small town.  I spent several days on long, isolated stretches of highway without any amenities.

The ride started out wet.  It hardly stopped raining for two days after I left Surrey, and my gear and my body were constantly wet.  Despite the weather conditions I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Climbing up through the Fraser Canyon was spectacular, and as I left the Fraser for the Thompson the land and weather got drier.  North of Kamloops the terrain turned into true wilderness where I could really appreciate the massiveness and quietude of the landscape.  Crossing the Rockies turned out to be not as challening as I had imagined, but I was not dissapointed by the wildlife - I saw plenty of black bears, deer, elk and mountain goats.  Descending into the foothills of Alberta the weather took another turn - I got stuck out in a number of thunder and hail storms.  But on my approach to Edmonton everything was just right - my last night I camped next to an old farmhouse and had a fantastic night of sleep.

This tour demonstrates the incredibly varied terrain of western Canada from temperate rainforest to high semi-desert to alpine forest.  It took almost two weeks to complete this portion of the tour.

Download the tour here.